Feeling blah? Maybe it’s your copy…

We all know words are important. But sometimes we forget.

Like when we have to define who we are as businesspeople, creators, and innovators. When we have to describe what we do and how we do it and why people should care. Stuff like that.

Then we find ourselves saying: “I can just write this myself.” Or: “Everyone’s just looking at the pretty pictures anyway.” Or: “Can’t we get that marketing intern to do it?”

Before you know it, words are an afterthought. Filler. Blah blah blah.

Don’t let that happen. Your business is too important. Words are too important.

It’s not just our hearts telling us it’s true. Hard research shows that well-written reviews increase the demand for a hotel whether the reviews are positive or negative,1 and that a single spelling mistake cuts online sales in half.2

Professional copy changes the way the world sees you. It will even change the way YOU see you.

So no more blah blah blah. Starting today, let’s make every word count.

1. “Towards a Theory Model for Product Search”
2. “Spelling Mistakes ‘Cost Millions’ in Lost Sales”

Words are important.

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